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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Topic 10- Professional Help for Mental Disorders 4A Rob has struggled with depression almostall of his life. When he was 21, and tried to take his life, he knew he had to get professional help. He saw 4 shrinks, which helped him open up and share his darkest secrets, which helped himstay well. Getting professional help made himfigure out that people can help and he doesn't have to be alone. Website for the personal experience: 3. Psychiatrist- A physician who diagnoses and treats mental disorders and can prescribe medications 1. Counselor- a professional who handles personal and educational manners 2. School Psychologist- A professional who specializes in learning, emotional, and behavioral problems of students 5. Clinical psychologist- A professional who diagnoses and treats emotional and behavioral disorders. 6. Psychiatric Social Worker- A professional who provides guidance and treatment for emotional problemsin a health clinic. Do people sometimes have to be removed fromtheir enviroment to see permanent change? How do the professions differ from each other? Yes, sometimes people will have to be hospitalized to receive intense care and treatment from doctors,nurses, and a variety of mental health specialiststo see permanent change. 4. Neurologist- A physician who specializes in physical disorders of the brain or nervous system. They all use different methodsto try to help relieve patients of their mental disorders.
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