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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hawaii Nigeria Mexico Hawaiian mythology is full of myths & legends; storys full of passion, betrayal, loyalty, birth, & death that tell the tales of gods, men, ghosts, and goblins. Hawaiians feel deep connection with nature and explain everything through the creation of the earth to lava flowing out of volcanoes. there are gods, goddesses and family gods (guardians). They are represented by tikis that are carved in the image of a god and an embodiment of that gods power. In central Mexico the Aztecs believed that the earth had gone through four phases or "suns", each ending in great catastrophe. The first sun was destroyed by jaguars, the next a storm, then a fire, then a flood, and they believed the fifth (the current sun) would be destroyed by an earthquake. They needed to perform sacrifices and rituals to please the gods and stop the fifth sun from ending. In Nigerian mythology, people believe a single god rules over the universe and has the power to control everything with several hundred lower gods that only have a specific domain of rule. priests search for stones hit by thunderstorms from the god Shango because they believe they have special powers,then they build temples out of them for the gods. Don't pluck the Red Lehua BlossomThere once was two young lovers named Ohio and Lehua. Ohio was a handsome trickster and Lehua was the most beautiful girl on the island. One day, the god Pele (goddess of volcanoes) came across Ohio and wanted him for herself. He refused her, so she turned him into an ugly twisted tree that grows on lava flows. Lehua begged Pele to change him back but the god refused. The other gods felt sorry but couldn't reverse the magic, so they turned Lehua into a beautiful red flower and placed her on the tree, so the lovers would never be apart. As long as the flower stays on the tree it is sunny and warm but if you pluck the flowers, rain falls like tears from Lehua because she can't bare to be separated from Ohio. We are currently living in the fifth sun. After the fourth sun was destroyed, the gods got together to decide who the next sun was going to be. A rich god named Tecciztecatl volunteered but they needed someon else and ended up choosing a poor god named Nanauatl. A fire was made for the poor god to sacrifice himself. The rich god was going to throw himself into the fire, but became too afraid to. The poor god lept without hesitation, and the ashamed rich god followed. This gave us two suns. The other gods were angry that the rich god kept following the poor god, so they threw a rabbit at him, which dimmed the second sun and put theimpression of a rabbit on it. We now call the second sun the moon. All life began in the sky. Olorun lived in the sky and was the omnipotent being. One day Obatala was curious and looked below through the mist of the clouds and saw theocean. He asked Olorun for permission to make something solid, which he was granted. He then went to Orunmilla, who could see the future and asked what he should do. Orunmilla told him to make a gold chain with a hook, gather some seeds, and bring an egg. He climbed down to the ocean,threw some sand to make land, and plantedthe seeds. Olorun then made the sky. Similarities -Multiple gods-Interaction between gods and mortals Differences Hawaii Nigeria Mexico -More Greek-like-Stories of love, revenge, etc. -Nature-More creative ways of explaning -Earth is in it's 5th stage-Stories about death and catastrophe-Sacrifices
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