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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Professional Help What is a mental disorder? 6 Professional Treatment Methods SOURCES: How are they diffrent from each other? for Mental Disorders A mental disorder can affect the thought, feelings, and behavior. This prevents the person from having a happy and productive life. BehaviorTherapy Psychotherapy Cognitive Therapy Family Therapy Group Therapy Drug Therapy . Behavior therapy is a treatment process that changes unwanted behaviors through rewards . Psychotherapy is an ongoing dialoguebetween a patient and a mental health professional. . The dialogue is designed to find what the cause of the problem is and to come up with a solution for it. . Cognitive therapy is a treatment method thatcorrects distortedthinking patterns that leads to troubled behaviors . Family therapy helps familiesfunction in healthy ways bycommunication and education.most successful when everyfamily member attends the session. . Group therapy treats a group of people that have simmer problems. they meet regularly with a trained counselor. all there information is privet within the group. . Drug therapy treats or reduces the symptomsof a mental disorder. It is Sometimes used alonebut often used with other methods like Cognitive therapy What do each of these mean? Why do peopleneed professionalhelp? Psychiatrist can prescribemedication that you wouldn't be be able to get without a prescription. Each therapy session hasdifferent people. Each person will be attending the meetings for different reasons. Will you sometimes have to move out of your environment to see permanent change? Yes, because differentlocations or incidents will havean an emotional reaction withyour brain. For an example: Atfriends house, you get bit bythere dog. This will cause areaction to your brain to have aresponse to make you fearful ofgoing to there house becauseof the scary incident. So ifsomething bad had happenedat a certain place, you wouldwant to remove yourself fromthat place so your brain will nolonger be fearful and stressed. Article summary Prisons all around the country have been struggling with caring for mentally ill inmates. Doctor and medical personnel people who are stationed in the prison, do not the experience to care for them. Many of the inmates are struggling with getting professional help, but some inmates are not even wanting to talk to anyone. Over the next couple of years, there will be drug abuse services, mental health courts, and alcohol services for inmates in all jails in the USA.
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