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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I shall use my cellphone properly. While in school and outside of school. As well as use it to search the internet Digital Footprint Phil's Guide to Digital Citizenship A guide to help students understand the importance of digital citizenship. Powerful Passwords Digital Ettiquette Cell Phones Cyberbullying Bullying online is just as important as it is in person. Be careful what you say online because it could come back to haunt you as well as get you in trouble with the school. "Students learn that the information they put online leaves a digital footprint or trail. This trail can be big or small, helpful or hurtful, depending on how they manage it." Passwords are critical pieces of information. Creating secure passwords and keepinga record of them is very important. Click the link below for password DOs and DON' Be wise while using the internet. Don't put something you wouldn't want your mother to see. For examples of this, visit the website we posted below. Copyright The internet is a great tool to help you create and do some research, but be mindful of the things you post!
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