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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TERRORISTS IN BALTIMORE Above is a map of the East Coast. We (Baltimore) are planning to evacuate to Delaware.As you can see, that is a very long way. WHERE WE ARE HEADED: THE EVACUATION: To evacuate, we will use all the buses in Baltimore (city bus and school bus) to get roughly 100,000 people out and up to Delaware. The buses will be driven by a volunteer. The driver will follow the regular main routes. If for some reason the main routes are blocked, drivers can take smaller roads to get out. Also, people can go by car if they choose. Limited planes will be available,so we recommend that people use the buses. PROBLEM: Terrorist have chosen Baltimore to attack because of our population, famous landmarks, and how close we are to the president. WHEN WE GET TO DELAWARE: Once Baltimore arrives in Delaware, they can stay with family members, hotels, cars, or if needed, outside. WHEN WE WILL RETURN: Baltimore can return to home when the terrorists are sure to be gone. If there is major destruction, we highly suggest that families find a better home maybe with relatives or friends. THE CLEAN UP The clean up can go just like a hurricane clean up. First, we will get all left over or broken wood, trash, and belongings and get them out of the way.Next, we will try and restore homes, furniture, and other belongings to the victims. Future Bombing Bombing can be very dangerous.It can cause damaged shelters, injuries, and even deaths. Always know what to do in this situation and know where to go to get out fast.
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