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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE HOLOCAUST 1940-42 Adolf Hitler Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets NaziLeader When did it occur Why did it happpen? This had happpened to the Jews for no apparant reason some people say. But I believe it was just a hate crime Hitler had on Jews. Image His terrible cause of actions Adolf suffered from a disease called parkinsons disease. This diseaes causes depression and regular mood swings. Adolf Hitler was psychotic man who had a particular disease to make him hysterical. Not only did he torture and kill Jews but whomever he considered or thought were Jews. Jews, both men and women were seperated into boxcars and shipped away to concentration camps with a streak of days without food or water. It was scarce to get it. Resources Seperation Freedom Camps Women and men that were seperated and sent to concentration camps had little resources. Some women had to drink from puddles. Jews from ages over 40 that could not work were sent to the gas chamber to die as well as the children. Only the women who could work were spared. Denial To this day and age people who lived through the Holocaust and watched it take place, denied the incident ever happened. Towards the end of the Holocaust, there were rumors that Hitler was dead. And then at times the trains with the boxcars were not moving the Jews thought they were free. When the americans opened up the boxcars all hope was there.
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