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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Britain, France, Russia Fatal Decision Timeline Fatal Decision Timeline caused bynationalism,militarism, and entangled alliances 1890s-1900s 1914 1907 due to thealliances Austrian-Hungary, Germany, Italy double click to change this header text! Triple Entente European Tensions Tensions Again Assassination 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife assassinated by a Serbian nationalist A-H DeclaresWar 1914 Serbs do not comply so A-H declared war onSerbia A-H List of Demands 1914 A-H gave Serbia a list of demandsor war Europe at War Because of alliances, all of Europe at war 1914 Casualties 1914 Both sides suffered many casualties Virtual Stalemate 1914-1917 3 years of nothing new for each side Britain used its navy to blockadeGermany Blockade ofGermany 1914 Lusitania set sail set sail fromNYC to England 1915 Lusitania sinks 1915 German U-boats sunk the passenger ship Sussex 1916 GermanU-boats attackedan unarmedFrench passengership SussexPledge 1916 Germangovernmentpromises tostop unrestrictedsub warfare German leaders determinedthat avoidingsub warfarewas impossiblewithout peace 1916 PlessConference 2nd PlessConference Unrestrictedsubmarinewarfare wasresumed 1917 Triple Alliance 1882 Wilson Neutrality 1914 Wilson declares neutrality when the war breaks out US outraged by Lusitania 1915 People wereupset aboutthe sinkingand wanted to join the war 1917 US informedabout submarines US discovers that Germany is using unrestricted submarine warfare US broke relations 1917 Germany sunkthe USSHousatonic Sank Allied Shipping Wilson asks for war US goes to war USS Housatonic 1917 1917 1917 1917 US brokerelations afterthe USS Housatonic wassunk Germansubmarinessank 900,000tons of shipping Wilson requesteda declarationof was againstGermany Congress provides thedeclaration togo to war
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