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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BlackAbolitionists Special Groups/Societies David Walker 1812-1885 Martin R. Delaney Goals of Black Abolitionists Important People 1818-1895 Frederick Douglass 1785-1830 Harriett Tubman ?-1913 Humanitarian, spy, and "conductor" of the Underground Railroad Orator, writer, and publisher of anti-slavery newspaper Journalist, physician, writer and the "grandfather" of black nationalism By Robert Blecher and Nick Lopapa Author of An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World Sojourner Truth Known for "Ain't I a Woman?"speech, addressing racial inequalities ?-1883 American Anti-Slavery Society Ohio Anti-Slavery Society Liberty Party Lasting Contribution Black abolitionists helped bringattention to the issue of slavery through publications and oration.Through these mediums, blackswere also able to disprove the dumb black stereotype by displaying intelligence through their writings and speeches, whichproved that blacks could think and act for themselves and didnt need to be slaves because of ongoing systemof paternalism in the South. The overarching, and first, goal of black abolitionists was to free southern slaves through political measures if possible. They attempted to do this through meetings and conventions such as the American Anti-Slavery Society Convention in 1833. Though it was met with backlash, this goal of the abolitionists would eventually be accomplished after the Civil War. Black abolitionists, until freedom was given to the slaves, intended to help them escape their horrible circumstance to freedom in the North. Though many times they were successful, they also often failed and slaves were punished when returned to their owners. Methods such as the Underground Railroad were used to help slaves escape North and often into Canada where slavery was illegal. Major Impact of Black Abolitionists:-developed publications/ held speeches-contributed money-helped slaves escape (Underground Railroad)-worked with white abolitioniststo draw attention to the issue ofslavery Some black abolitionists thought that the only way for slaves to become free was for them to rise up by themselves within the South. This is why they made it their goal to call upon slaves and hopefully start a rebellion. To do this, Abolitionists such as David Walker published pamphlets and newspapers, and gave speeches to try to rally the slaves. Though these abolitionists were successful in inspiring some revolts such as Nat Turner's, none were large enough to overthrow the entire industry of slavery.
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