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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BrighterAnd More Colourful Veggies For Better Health Green and leafy vegetables are knownfor their wondrous health benefits. Then again, you should not overlook those with other colours. They also contain different phytochemicals that uphold your overall wellness. Here are the other vegetable colours that you should also include in your diet: RED WHITE PURPLE ORANGE YELLOW Tomatoes have lycopene, which is good for the heart. They prevent arterial damage and prevent certain types of cancers. Garlic decreases bad cholesterol in your system. Just half a clove a day can significantly improve your health. Eggplants and certain types of cabbage and asparagus contain anthocyanins, which have an array of health-promoting benefits. Carrots and other orange veggies have carotenoids, which help promote eye health and mental sharpness. Squash, sweet corn, and yellow peppers carry a lot of bioflavonoids. These substances have been found to reduce the risk ofdeveloping Alzheimers disease. These have been associated with a lot of health benefits such asimproved immune system, cardiovascular health, and capillary strength. Important Reminders On Serving These For Your Family Go Organic Go Organic Maximise the health benefits and minimise exposure to toxic chemicals by choosing organic products. Dont Overcook Them Aim for tender yet crisp to ensure that nutrients are not lost. Lead By Example Show your kids that eating veggies is fun, exciting, and highly beneficial. For more essential tips on diet and nutrition, consult your health partners here at Hinterland Chiropractor.Your trusted Gold Coast chiropractor can provide you with expert guidance on how you can uphold your overall wellness through all-natural ways.Enjoy the health benefits of the chiropractic lifestyle.Contact us today! INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: 7 Price StreetNerang, QLD 4211 (07) 5527 3133 COPYRIGHT 2014 HINTERLAND CHIROPRACTIC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED REFERENCES:Lancet 2006;367:320Heart Advis 2006;9:6Diabetes Forecast 2004;57:25Phytochemistry 2003;64:922-33Fam Prac News 2004;34:57Public Health Nutr 2004;7:295-302 Chiropractic Special Offer Total Value $240.00 Yours for only $45.00 Make your first appointment to see our Chiropractor and receive: Full Spinal & Postural Examination Bilateral Weight Scales Analysis Computerised Spinal Scan X-rays (if Required) Full Report of Findings Claim Your Chiropractic Special Offer Now!
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