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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The bighead carp is very good at depleting zooplankton populations due to its large size and lack of predators. The declining availability of zooplankton leads to a reduced population of native species that rely on plankton for food, such as: larval fishes, adult fishes, and native mussels. This is a huge issue for fish living in the Mississippi Riverand Great Lakes. Origin: tea essentialelectrolytes beverages the many Asian Carp Bighead Carp "Hypophthalmichthys nobilis" 40 mg caffeine Southern China Central China United States Location Identifying Features: Why is it a problem? There are several measurements currently in place and continuously being implemented in order to prevent the spread of Asian Carp into more northern states. One control method is banning the transportation of living Asian Carp across state borders. Another method of control is paying fisherman to catch and harvest as many Asian Carp as possible. What are we doing about it? Ecological RestorationImprovements Ultimately, the permanent solution is to restorethe ecological barrier betweenthe Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins to prevent invasive species from moving back and forth between the two bodies of water. Studies are underway to evaluate separating the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins. The eradicationof the Asian Carp from the GreatLakes and Mississippi River Basin is crucial to the fishingeconomy. By preventing the spread of this invasivespecies, fisherman will be able to catch and harvest normalfish species and continue making money.
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