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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costs and Benefits of Tradition and Progress And where was it? Costs Benefits Islamic Improvement In the Middle Ages, the Islamicpeople had drive and motivationfrom their culture to become thebest they can be. In this, theycreated the first college, couldheal wounds easier, and mostof all tried to spread peace in the suffering. Christian Conundrum Although Christianity is knownas a savior and protected, inthe Middle Ages, Christianitybrought turmoil and hatredthat is still lurkingin today's society. As an example,the crusades made it evidentthat the world can not handletwo religions in one area. Erasmus Enrichment Erasmus was a religious and political theorist thatbelieved that educationwas the best way to changethe way people live. He also believed that Christianityshould not just explain theChristian God, but also should show people how to live good lives. Rabid Rudder The rudder was invented in the Middle Ages, allowingexploration to become lessof a hassle, and trade tobe very possible. All of this exploration intermingled cultures and reduced the chance of the inflation of goods. But, when the world became smaller, disease did the opposite; disease spread and grew killing thousands. Fallow Feild The idea of the fallow field was created to ensure healthy crops and fertilesoil. This is significant becauseit shows scientific growth. Misguided Medici's The project of finishing thedome on the Florentinechapel was an idea created bythe Medici family that spent loads of money doing so, and less on the city of Florence when theymost needed it.
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