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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] western world view western world view How Did Ideas of NationalIdentity and CitizenshipBegin to DevelopDuring the Renaissance? Societies became more urban; power was shifting to the citiesrather than rural areas. Monarchs supported the growth of thecities by improving trade laws and lifting trade barriers and, inturn, the cities gave them allegiance and even more wealth. Citizens developed new identities of belonging to a state as wellas to their local communities, recognizing such commonelements as language, religion, and beliefs in what life should be. Gunpowder was introduced from China, which changed thenature of the battles between monarchs and the nobles whoowned feudal properties. Monarchs used taxes from the cities topurchase gunpowder and to hire mercenary soldiers, whichmeant they could overpower the nobles. Eventually, the kingsgained control of the nobles lands and formed increasinglylarger states. How Did a Spiritof Exploration Become Partof the Western Worldview? By the Renaissance, Europeans had traded with peoples beyond theirborders for thousands of years. During the Greek and Roman Empires,land trade routes were expanded, so more exotic goods from societiesbeyond the edges of the empires made their way back to Europe. How Did the Exchangeof Goods and ProductsChange the World? European exploration, discovery, and colonization led to theredistribution of plants and animals around the world. It also hadbeneficial and destructive effects on the populations and ecosystems ofEurope, Asia, Africa, and the New World. The exchange of foodstuffs,metals, plants, animals, and diseases affected economies and changedtraditional ways of life of people around the world. The First Nations way of life led some European thinkers to questionthe inequalities of their own government systems. These ideasof personal freedom and leadership became a part of the Westernworldview and were later incorporated into the French and Americanconstitutions after their revolutions in the late 1700s How Did Imperialism AffectEuropean Worldviews? For centuries, Europeans had used the Silk Road to trade with theFar East. But the trade was limited and did not meet the demandfor goods in Europe. Ways of doing business were changing. Severalmerchants would form a company and pool their money to fundtrading trips to bring back spices and other goods FYI:
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