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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vietnam Veteran Memorial First casualties on the wall were Dale Buis and Chester Ovnard The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund raised approximately $9,000,000 by non federal funds About 1200 people listed on the wall are missing A diamond by a name on the wall means that person is confirmed dead A plus by someone's name means that that person is still missing or unacounted for A circle is put around the plus if the person comes back alive The In Memory Plaque was dedicatedto the Vietnam Memorial onNovember 10, 2004 The first date on the wall is October 21 1957,and the last date is May 15, 1975 The In Memory Plaque was authorized byCongress to be added to the Vietnam Memorial in April, 2000 The Three Servicemen Statue was revealed in 1984 The work on the Memorial began March 16, 1982 The In Memory Plaque is intended to honor those who died after service The Vietnam Women's Memorial honors women's patriotic services The Three Serviceman Statue was created because peoplewanted a more life-like description of a soldier The Three Servicemen Statue was created by Frederick Hart The Wall is made of black granite from Bangalore, India The wall was designed by Maya Ying Lin There are seventy granite panels that are inscribed and four at the end with no names Panels are 40 inches in width Each wall is 246.75 feet long Each line has 5 names excluding new namesadded that makes some lines 6 The names are arranged in chronological orderon the wall, according to the date of causalitywithin each day
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