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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Environment All about the Arabian Penisula in the Desert The desert very hot and dry it can reach up to 120 F. Freezing temptures at night and there are many volient sand stroms.Usually they had yearly rainfall 3-4 inches.Their was only some plant life. Physical Features Desert is a term used to describe land with very little precipitation. Learn more about the term desert at .Desert, an arid region with little or no vegetation. The word comes from a Latin word meaning abandoned or forsaken, signifying lack of human... The geography of the Arabian Peninsula is separated into four parts The Desert, The Oases, The Coastal Plain, Mountains. The environment in this land was unlivable so in reaction to this Arabs created adaptations to the harsh environment. Climate Adaptations People moved from place to place, these people were called Nomads. Camels were used as transportation.Wore long gowns to protect against dust, heat & flies.They raised sheep & goats for milk & wool; traded animal products. Livability Rating w/Justification I think a 1 because it very hot and dry their it gets way too cold at night and dont really provide anything for just only a little also its nice their but its not the best place to live. Trade Rating w/Justification I think a 3 because lots This trade often made desert people knowledgeable of the politics of Europe and Asia, more than the other way around.
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