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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 May 11, 1935 August 14, 1935 November 3, 1936 March 1937 June 25, 1938 April 8, 1935 to bring power to homes(especially farms) thatlacked it to encouragethe purchasing ofhousehold appliances Rural ElectrificationAgency The Supreme Courtsuddenly revealed anew supportRoosevelts economicregulation after heasked to appointnew justices for the 6Court judges over 70years old Social Security Act of 1935 The Election of 1936 first major national effort tobuild homes for Americas poor banned goods produced by childlabor from interstate commerce,made 40¢ the minimum hourlywage, and required overtime payfor work over 40 hours per week created a system of unemploymentinsurance, old age pensions, andaid to the disabled, elderly poor,and families with dependentchildren, but discriminated againstmany racial minorities Works ProgressAdministration Foner pages 874-884 THE SECOND NEW DEAL July 5, 1935 Democratic PresidentRoosevelt and his New Dealpolicy won by a landslideover Republican Alfred Landon hired 3 million Americansto construct thousands ofbridges, public buildings,roads and airports 1935 - 1938 Wagners Act September 1, 1937 United States Housing Act Fair Labor Standards bill democratized the workplace byallowing the National LaborRelations Board tosupervise elections inwhich employees votedon labor union representation The only thing wehave to fear is fearitself.
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