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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT How Did the Western Worldview Grow Out of the Renaissance Trading was helpful for othercountries for more exotic goodsfrom different societies. Trading New routes were formed and more trading and expanded, then expansionism spread. People had been using the Silk Road for trading but the trade was limited and did not reach very much goods. Ideas and Knowledge As people sailed the sea new ideaswere found science was spreading and cartography was happening asmore people started to explore more. With more navigation ships could gofarther learning new ideas andknowledge also leading to exploration. The age of Exploration United countries became morepowerful factors setting them todiscover exploration. Each had acoastline to find new parts of the worldthey used new navigations tools forexplorers to sail. New travels and exploration increased consumerism. Exchange of goods The exchange of goods havechanged many traditionalways of life people learnednew things and ideas of life Exchange, Trading, exploration, ideas Imperialism The policy of a country or empire to extend itsauthority or domination by politicaleconomic or military means Its a natural progression that policiesof expansionism would lead to imperialism Culture & Language Francophones, one of Canada'sfounding people and is thesecond language of Canada. world-view rights provided languageand education.
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