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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Were the Germans Reckless orBold when invading other countriesof Europe during WWII Devon HornMrs. MadiganLA, pd 5/612/8/14 These are a few piecis of evidence ofthe Germans beingReckless and Bold when invadingother countries of Europeduring WWII. Bold acts thatthe Germansdid during WWII. Reckless acts thatthe Germans didduring WWII. The Germans were reckless when using heavy armored tanks because the tanks therefore will be slower in comparison to the poles tanks they were light armored that allows it to move faster and not get shot that much. Another bold thing I thinkthe Germans did waserasing all memory like pictures, belongings, andbirth certificate whileknowing they must bedoing a terrible crime that they will hated for doing forthe rest of their lives. They were very bold and sacrificing their lives ontrying to take over a country that is very small and to their disadvantage because of the cold, plusby doing this they could anger the soviet union/Russians. The problem for the germans infantry is that they were slow on foot which made them easy targets for the polish old-fashionedcavalry that were the most mobile and fastestunits in the polish army. After the Germans conquered Poland theylost many troops. 14,000 German soldiers died and 30,000 German soldiers got wounded. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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