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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Asian Carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis Key Features include :Large scaleless head with upturned mouth, no barbels Eyes forward, sit below the mouth and project downward Scaleless keel extends only from anal fin to pelvic fin Very tiny scalesBody is dark gray dorsally to silver white on sides. Many dark irregularly shaped blotches are scattered over body Historic Range- South China Sea Current Distribution Preferred Habitat: Large warm-water rivers and impoundments. How has it taken over?-Asian carp are capable of consuming 40% of their own body weight in food each day. -They have severely impacted fishing and recreation on the Illinois River. -They can spawn multiple times during each season and quickly out-compete native species by disrupting the food chain everywhere they go. Method of Control: -Dont move live fish from one location to another. Now Illinois state law prohibits the transport of live Asian carp.Never use wild-caught baitfish in waters other than where they came from.Drain lake or river water from live wells and bilges before leaving any body of water. Economically- If the asian Carp population can be eliminated or controlled then the multibillion dollar fishing industry of the great lakes can be saved.Politically- Laws have been passed in certain state such as Illinois to prevent their spread. Socially- All members of the community would benefit including native fish and those who enjoy recreation activities where this fish has taken over.
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