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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Proliferation Robots in Society Robot is not a new thing in the human world. In the ancient past, during the medieval age, a few famous people of the past such as a Greek engineer such as Alexandria had produced two texts, Pneumatica and automata, that testify to the existence of hundreds of different kinds of wonder machines that capable of automated movement (History of robotics,2014). If we are slowly moving people up and out of the drudgery of menial work, then surely that is going to have an equitable effect on society as a whole. It is not going to pretend that robots will eliminate inequality overall, but they can sure help close the gap by pushing up from the bottom. If you understand that physical robots can be a great level for differently-able people, then it doest take a great leap of imagination to transfer that concept to mental abilities (Andrew Burgess, 2014). Is the elimination of menial tasks a good thing? INTRODUCTION Can robot act as babysitters for children? Promoting the development of artificial intelligence devices and programs that work with kids should be a goal (John F.W, 2013). Will robot eliminate job? "Half of the respondents think the impact of AI and robotics on human employment will be positive or at worst neutral, and the other half think that it will displace more jobs than it creates" (Aaron Smith, 2001). What robot can do? Conclusion Robotic research had become a new trend among the big companies of the world, where they are racing to develop the first functional humanoid to be released into our society where the humanoid could do things like a human.
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