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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Enviroments of the arabian pennisula! physical featuresMountains:elevation can be 1000 feet to 12000 feet, recieves up to 20 inches of rain per year, dry riverbeds run between mountains, and a would be filled with watercoastal plains:recieves regular rainfall, varies in size from 5 to 40 miles, plenty of animals in the sea, ends at the rocky cliffs, dry riverbeds fill up with water during rainy season, and few natural harbors climatemountains:coolcoastal plains:humid year round adaptionsmountains:grew melon and pomengranate, built irrigation systems, built houses out of sun dried mud bricks, stored water in hallowed out tree, and built terracescoastal plains:farmers grew crops,people dug wells and built dams to irrigate fields, people traded in seaports, such as aden, grew grains, fruits, and vegetables, and they also collected frgrant tree sap Livability ratingmountains:4 because the houses would provide comfort and warmth and they used terraces to grow and farm crops due to no flat landcoastal plains:5 because they live on flat lands so they can grow a lot of crops, animals could appear but not be dangerous, and they would have houses that provide comfort trade ratingmountains: 2 because they probably didn't get a lot of trading due to having to climb p a mountaincoastal plains: 3 because they traded to countries such as india, east africa, and lands among the red sea
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