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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who would be the audience for your product? My target audience: I have chosen my target audience to be 16-19 year old females who listen to chart music and are interested in trends and whats in the media at this time. Because my target audience is quite young therefore the income bracket would be very minimal e.g. E bracket My reasons forchoosing this age range was because i am in this age range therefore i am able to relate to whats in the maga-zine while also knowing what that age group like and are into music wise. For this reason i didn't choose a male magazine is because i have less knowledge on that type of audience and music therefore would be harder for me to create a well put together magazine. double click to change this title text! My pre-production research: I decided to create a survey to help me found out what type of music magazine my audience preferred and different features that were most popular. I got back many responses so was able to create an idea of what i wanted to create. I ended up with the ideaof a chart music magazine. Once i had this much to work with i became coming up with a target audience. I analysed different chart music magazines and what was included in them to work out who i wanted my magazine to be aimed at. I ended up with the age range of 16-19 years olds. Once i had the age range i decided i wanted to aim the magazine at girls because i am a girl and felt i could produce more for a female magazine. From this is then created my 'ideal' reader based on my targetaudience. This helped me understand more on who i should focus the magazine on who or what. I looked at the conventions of other chart magazines and came up with a colour scheme and fonts etc. This took a while as i wanted to create a strong unique theme which was original to my magazine. How did i use my pre-production research: Once i had found out what my target audience was and what was most popular, i began thinking about names and fonts i would like to include. I thought about what colourswould be effective in my genre of my magazine. I ended up choosing black, white, red and light blue. Once i had the colourssorted i began brainstorming the names, i made a mindmapof all the ideas i thought would be good for a music magazine. I came up with the name 'Download'. I chose this becausethe name is associated with music and its a more maturename for a girls magazine rather than 'pop' etc. After thebasic parts of my magazine were thought up, i found a model similar to the age of my target audience.
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