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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. 1. Document and analyze2. Debunk common myths3. Propose a solution4. Publicize findings & engage public officials5. Know existing legislation6. Engage media Strategies Facilities with largestfinancial contributions:1. City hospital #1 2. City hospital #4.Legislative authority: Municipal Dept of Health Initial Targets Additional Targets 1 charity fund in the city(full monopoly);roundabout answers;no support at the city level The Issue Objectives 1. Reduce corruption2. Establish transparency & accountability3. Increase $ available to health facilities4. Reduce financial barriers for patients5. Improve quality of care Regional Dept of HealthRegional Hospital Impact 1. Regional Dept of Health issues order #9422. Regional Hospital signs contract with CF, making financial info publicly available 1. Free care mandated by the Constitution, but due to inefficiencies and corruption the cost is shifted on to patients2. Charitable funds in health facilities - additional source of $ but no transparency or accountability3. Patients forced to make 'charitable' donations in exchange for medical services 1. Light of Hope2. International Renaissance Foundation3. All-Ukrainian Network of PLWHA4. CF "Patients of Ukraine" Partners Campaign 1. Publicize findings & raise awareness2. Propose contract template to ensure transparency & accountability3. Conduct working discussions with chief doctors & Dept of Health4. Shift focus from municipal to regional5. Target Regional Hospital to set precedent by signing contract6. Replicate approach in other regions7. Bring systematic change by drafting a law IAA's campaign to combat corrupt exactions in charity funds in health facilities in Ukraine
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