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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The environment in Arabian Peninsula Mountains in theArabian Peninsula One fact is that they would farm on terracesand would grow crops like melons and pomegranate.They would grow crops because they have irrigation systems.They have houses that are made out of bricks,wood and stone.They store their water in hallowed out tree. All the researched had done would rate the livability a 4because it didn't really talk about how harsh it was tosurvive or live.But there was one con that in winter the climate is very harsh.All the research I did, I would rate the trade in them mountains a a 5 because they said that in winter the climate is harsh and thats the only con and didn't really talk about trading but i think it was easy because theres irrigation systemsand farming there and houses and all goods theywould grow they would probably trade with that. Israel Aguirre One fact is that nomads travel through desert with camels. They used gowns to protect from dust,heat and flies They would raise sheep and goats for milk,wool The nomads were in charge of the trade routes it was by village or towns and valuable goods I would rate the livability a 3 becauseit said they could survive without foodand water and also it would be hard to travel because of sand storms caused from harsh wind.harsh wind.Also theirs villages and towns their.I would rate the desert a 2 because again there's harsh wind that would cause sandstorms and itwould be hard to travel from that.And at night it said it would be freezing so after all itwould of been challenging to travel but they did say there is valuable goods for trading Desert in the Arabian Peninsula
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