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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Middle Ages and Renaissance explain big parts of changes in society. Are the costs of this change worth the benefits? Progress Tradition vs Costs of Tradition: In situations of change, the people may be afraidto change the way they are living. Sticking with thesame tradition could causepeople to stay simpledue to Christianity. Art wouldno longer be apart of religion; which leads to the Fire of Vanities. Benefits of Tradition: With thoughts of change therecan be many benefits of tradition. This is because order and law can finally be settled. There couldpossibly be a new urban culture that could benefita lot of people. The churchwould have a lot more morals,hope and education. Christians would be moreunified. Costs of Progress: Costs of progress couldbecome very stressfuland overwhelming with allthe changes occurring. Couldpossibly cause splitting because of disagreements.It could lead to people questioning their church, society thinking different. It is a lot harder to managea bigger empire. The Black Plague: killing millions becauseof further expansion/exploring. Benefits of Progress: Benefits of progress can be easily worded. With moreexpansion and trading, therewill be more income. Women had a great way of keepingthe Knights focused. Servesget more protection than they ever had. There wouldbe more trade routes, becomingapart of the bigger incomes. Learning new things playeda big part. Trade with far offcountries spiked the economy. Individualism was finally supportedwith the people.
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