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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morality vs. Power Costs and Benefits double click to change this title text! Benefits of Power Benefits of Morality Costs of Morality Costs of Power Only people of the church were literate and educated so even royalty were forced to obey what the church said was right according to the Bible. Heresy, or opposing the word of the church, was an act punishable to death. Due to the Code of Chivalry, Knights sometimesknights had to do things that went against their best interest. Cargo/trade ships brought the rats that carried the Black Plague to the city ports which resulted in 1/3 of Europe's population dying. Plotting and betrayal was common in order to gain power like in the circumstance of the Medici family. The people who were in power misused it and made sure that their family would continue to have power by giving some to relatives. Believing in patronage by the wealthy families lead to some of the most famous work of art in the world's history. Individualism led to new morals and strong citizensthat could stand without support from groups and classifications. Because of the printing press and the ability to read becoming possible for the commoner, people began to question the church and its morals. Trade greatly benefited and expanded the economy by allowing the import of international goods. It also helped the spread of ideas. Bruneleschi's Dome completion gave power to the Florentine Church because it symbolized the gloryand prosperity that had finally arrived in the city. It also gave power to the Medici Family because of the support and faith they gave Bruneleschi. Propoganda that was used through art to make a leader seem more fit gave the leader support from the people, and therefore, a very important form of power.
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