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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Resume Inflation 33% exaggerate more about their previous positionheld and job responsibilities Resume Inflation For Example include adding degrees or awards when never received or positions never held. Mentioning A high GPA Over 62% in hong kong exaggerated their years of experience. Reem Alshehhi201201691 Resume inflation refers to the act of including false or misleading information on a resume making it more attractive. Every problem asks a question. Lets find it.It's often the last sentence in the problem.It often has a question mark. Once we know what question we're answering,we define a variable. We select a letter."x = the number of roads a man must walk down." Is the answer a count? (How many roads must a man walk down?)Is it a time? (How many years can a mountain exist?)Can the answer be negative? A fraction? What's the biggest answer that makes sense? Most people exaggerate about their date of employment, job title, professional license and education. Get all the numbers in the problem.Use words to describe what they mean."The Answer = 42The most random number = 47" Can you describe the problem in your own words?Is there a formula you can use?Can you write an equation? Make a table Draw a graph If you have an equation, plug your answer into it.If you know what type of answer you're looking for,check to make sure your answer is the right type.How close was your answer to your guess?The more you practice, the better you will get. 6 years experience This space might be too small. Feel free to use the back, or another piece of paper. GPA 4.0 U.S are also facing thesame problem by 33%
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