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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advantages Does the Quantum Dots really change our future ? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources While not visible under many conditions, any white background (i.e. when reading a book) exposed irritating bleed from the edges. Cancer Detections Disadvantages Wide range of usage The color of the light emitted from the Quantum Dots can actually be manipulated without significant cost or the use of high-end technology. Full range of Quantum Dots can be manufactured with a narrow distinct emission spectrum. Using fluorescentcolor to detect the accumulationof the quantumdots particle. The newly formed QDs can be used in various forms, e.g. as small crystals in liquid solutions, as quantum dust, and in bead form. All these existing forms make their range of applications wider. 1. AdvantagesandDisadvantages Due to their large physical size, they cannot diffuse across cellular membranes. The delivery process may actually be dangerous for the cell and even result in destroying it. In other cases a QD may be toxic for the cell and inappropriate for any biological application. Certain drawbacks on the Quantum Dots surface may lead to quantum yield deterioration, meaning that the ratio of the emitted to the absorbed energy is rather low. Their low transmittance may stay undetectable or may demand high-sensitivity detection systems. 2. Cost Saving 3. 1. Toxic 2. Potential Invisiblity 3. Light Bleed.
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