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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unfair Playing Fields In the Business Market #latitudenews United States Labor Laws Media Restrictions Censorship Video Games:-Australia can show green but not red blood.-Europe can show topless characters without a rating increase.-Germany "blacklists" games with human violence, any human blood is removed, only robot violence is allowed. -Countries like China, Thailand & India who have lax labor laws, like child labor, dominate the production market.-Paid workers as young as 8 worked agriculture jobs in China until 1986.-India has the highest child labor today. -Labor acts allow for workers to make themselves heard-Assertion of rights has grown faster than in the east.-Capitalist society, makes it difficult to merge oversea business that lean heavily towards socialism. -Internet censorship allows for political bullying, and a marginalized localized profit from inventions being stolen!-Broad censorship laws allow hackers from other countries to steal inventive information from a localized group and send it to the global market.-Google pulled out of China completely because of their protectionist censorship. Source: International Centre for Prison Studies -Widely understood that globalization was the only way to be competetive in the business world.-Undermining belief that imports had lower quality & home-producers could make better quality products that woulddominate the market.-However, developing nations have greatly increased the quality of exports and trade barries had to be introduced to keep domestic economies healthy. Globalization
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