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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Grizzle Trend Spotlighting Mainstream Culture Social medias are key to our industry. Social medias allow Grizzle Trend to keep track of any trends. Through social media there are endless opportunities. Opportunities include growth, advertisement, and publicity. Social medias are a key responsibility for the way we live our life.Through these very popular social medias, we will be able to spread Grizzle trend. Using social media will allow us to not only spread rapidly, but to help us grow all over the nation and even internationally. double click to change this header text! Each of these social medias provide different opportunities. With Instagram , we are allowed to make visual announcements through photo or video. Through Twitter, we can test new media outlets. Twitter and Facebook are often affiliated with other medias in order to have a greater connection. Snapchat, is a a great source to test any new trends because it is very temporary. Tumblr and Facebook are great sources to provide in depth detail about any trends and opportunities provided with Grizzle Trend. Google plus and YouTube work together to provide advertisement about any new upcoming company. Vine allows announcements through six second videos in a comical way. Being comical is very intriguing to todays evolving society. Working with Pandora will allow us to view how the music industry is evolving. Pandoras advertisements are also very informative. With Pinterest, we are allowed to view any trendy photos and this will help us to manage the trend. Instagram Twitter Facebook Snapchat Tumblr Google Plus Youtube Vine Pinterest Pandora
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