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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Page 21 Procedure Steps 6 &7 Motors & Machines 6. Experiment to find as many as possible to make the motor turn slowly. Record what you do.- Only use one battery- Use a used battery- Only use one magnet The motor has to be connected to the battery. In the experiment we did, we used alligator clips to transfer the energy. In order for the motor to work, you need to have a source of energy, which is the battery. By: Nicole, Paula, and Jemarie However, the whole circuit has to go in a circle (around),meaning everything should beconnected to each other so that the energy goes all around the circuits. In order to make the motor spinfaster, more batteries are required for it to have more energy. 7. Find ways to make the motor change direction. List all the ways you can find. If you flip the sides, it willspin in the opposite way. Page 23 Question #2 Page 23 Question #3 Page 23 Question 1 Another system that uses multiple motors are airplanes, computers, motorcycle, etc. A motor contains at least one electromagnet.In a car, the motors are powered by the cars electrical system.Different motors do different things.Some motors are for fans, sensors, or to open or close something. The motor we used could also do work such as a ceiling fan, or just an electric fan in general. A way you mightuse this kind of small electric motor to dosome work for you is to use it as a pulley, to pull things up, or a mini fan to carry around. Page 21 Step #5 A-B Does it matter how close the magnets are to the armature? Yes, because if it is too close then it pulls off the motor. Does it matter which poles of the magnets face the armature? It does matter. If two sides are bothnorth and north or south and south,then it will repel each other.
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