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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance Worldview The Development of a Western Worldview BIG IDEA Contact with others lead to changes in ideas and knowledge Humanism Humanism is all about humans.It focuses on a persons values, ability to perform andindividual worth. The Silk Road The silk road played a factor during the renaissance. It hadto do mostly with geography.It helped create routes from Europe to Asian as well. As people traded their goods,they've also exchanged theirideas as well by meetingpeople who are from the MiddleEast and Asia. Another thing is,is that it helped with Europe's economy growth. Science The process of science was slowduring the middle ages. Religionput most of their focus on theafterlife and scientific questioning was discourage because of that, Europe wasvery superstitious, manybelieved in magic and witchcraft.When the new era started, scienceand mathematics began to expand from the continuedby Jewish, Islamic scholars.During the renaissance,European scientist started to lookat the world using logical reasoningand observations. This changed helped scientist understand our world better byallowing us to question thecauses of each event in alogical way rather then bysaying that it was caused by witchcraft or magic. Another discovery happened during the renaissance. As we know, the church still controlled what was true and what wasnot. During that time, the church had said thatthe heavenly bodies revolved around the church. For a long period of time, manybelieved that until a scientist named Galileo Gahlilei discovered that the Earth actually revolved around the heavenly bodiesand not the other way around.That changed lead to how we view the Earth and Astrology.
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