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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Desert The Oasis Physical Features: -You will never get tired of the same scenery every day because the sandstorms can instantly change the whole shape of the land. -Don't worry about having to water and take care of your plants because there are not a lot of plants that grow here anyway! -It seems endless because it's 75% of the whole Arabian Peninsula Climate: -You don't have to worry about floods because there is little or no rainfall each year! -Temperatures in the summer rise up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. -You can finally use that winter gear that you bought because in the winter and at night, temperatures reach to below freezing. Adaptations: -You can raise sheep, camels, and goats so you can have valuable resources! -Don't worry about buying any rain gear because on average, it only rains about 3 to 4 inches a year. -You won't have to worry about sneaking those vegtables under the table because with all of the droughts, they will not be able to grow. I would rate the livability for the desert a 3 out of 5 because of its extreme temperatures. Also, it is good because you know that there will not be any floods that could potentially destroy your house. I would rate the trade a 2 out of 5 because it is a long and dry geographical feature to cross in order to get to your destination. There is not many resources to be able to trade. -The land is so refreashing so you can stay cool. It's hard to be thirsty here! Physical Features: -The land is very fertile which is good for farming! -Water is trapped under the surface which forms a spring. This really helps with growing crops. -Some oasis' can vary in size. You can pick which size you like and stay there on your trip. double click to change this header text! Climate: -Just like the desert, summers are extremely hot, but you can cool yourself down with water. -Also similar to the desert, the winters and nights can drop down to below freezing temperatures. Adaptations: -Because the land is so fertile, there is much farming. -It's used mainly for a resting place because it's so refreashing compared to the hot desert with the water and shade. -Much of the plants or food that is grown here is used for shade, to build houses, or just to eat. I would rate the livability a 4 out of 5 because it has plenty of water to stay hydrated, but also has the extreme climates of the desert that could be hard to adapt to. All in all, it has plenty of water and shade to keep you cool though.
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