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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 mountains double click to change this header text! Enviroment Adaptions Here in the oasis people live in thatch roof houses.These houses provided shade, dryness, and shelter. Also because there is fertile landit makes farming easy. Climate The oasis has a warm, dry climate.Oasis are usually surrounded by deserts whichhave very extreme temperatures. Livability Rating the livability rating would be4.5 because there is fertile land, warm temperatures,and a good amount of watersupply. oasis the mountains are a cool, rocky part of the Arabianpeninsula. The mountains get 20 inches of water each year and also serves as a natural barrier from criminals and enemy tribes. The oasis is a hot, fertile piece of land that is surrounded by a desert. The oasis is filled withplant life and has flat land easy for farming. Thedesert is a natural barrier that protects the townfrom robbers and unwanted pedestrians. Enviroment Adaptions In the mountains people live in mud brick houses.The mud brick serves as installation for the house.Keeping it warm in the winter, and cool in summer.People here use terraces to grow their crops on. The mountains have a wet, dry climate. It has this cold climate because it has elevationsup to 12,000 feet! Climate Livability Rating The livability rating would be 4.25 because themountains provide protection, have nice, cool temperatures, and have lots of water supply.One disadvantage is the rocky terrain makesit hard for farming Trade Rating Trade Rating The trade rating for the mountains would be a 2 beecause mountains are hard to travel making trade very difficult the trade rating for the oasis would be a 1.75because the deserts are extremely hard to travel though therefor making trade very difficult
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