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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Kind Of Dog Is Right For Me? If you have a family with kids or a family planning to grow, one of the most rewarding and simplest things to do it rescue a mutt from the pound. You can pick out which dog matches your needs and energy level. Family with kids? Mutt Adopting a dog is a rewarding experience for the whole family.You can choose what the dogthat perfectly matches your family's needs. Mutts are alsovery caring and loyal dogs. Got Allergies? Maltese Maltese dogs have beautiful long coats or hair,however they shed little to none of it. This makesthem great for people with allergies. Apartment life? English Bulldog If you've got high energy and youwant your dog to have the same,these dogs will keep you playingall day. They love to run, jump, and play! Be ready to tire out before they do. Need a body gaurd? German Sheperd It's always nice to feel safe,and a German Sheperd will provide that protection for you.While in the house with itsfamily this dog is a typical house dog, but when needed it will turn into the guard dog you need. Entering the Golden Years? Poodle Poodles make great pets for those whoare entering older age. They are easy totrain, clean up after, and make great friends. German Short-Haired Pointer Even though these cute dogsaren't the traditional size of an"apartment" dog, they do perfect in the setting. These dogs are quiet, calm, and loving. Perfectfor a small living space! Want high energy?
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