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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Coastal Plains vs. Deserts Coastal Plains vs. Deserts Coastal Plains Deserts Coastal plains were good for farming.It rained a fair amount of the time and the temperature never got out of control.The air was very damp. Also, for trade, there were many natural harbors. So trade flourished. And due to the climate and physical features of the land, which includes the riverbeds that filled up with water (which was useful for irrigation), farming also flourished.So if the coastal plains were to be given a livability score, they would get a 5 because trade and farming flourished here. If it were to get a trade rating, it would also get a 5 becausethere were natural harbors for people to come and lots of people traded in the coastal plains. Deserts were hot plains filled with sand. There was very little water so farming didn't thrive. And due to the vast lands, there wasn't a lot of trade.There were lots of sandstorms which was dangerous. And the temperaturescould get up to 100 during the day and drop down to below freezing. The people who lived there were called nomads. They moved around a lot andwore loose clothing. This wasn't a very ideal lifestyle. So I would give the desertsa 1 in the livability rating. I would give it this because it was too hot to farm whichis how people ate. I would give it a 1 in the trade rating because nobody traded there and it would have been hard to travel across the desert.
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