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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Japan Why! The President declared war to Japan after the attack at PealHarbor. He automatically sent his soldiers to Japan to attack. The Japanese attacked the U.S because they were scared that theU.S was going to get involved in theSecond World War. Also to join alliances and to defeat Germany and Japan. In the action of Pearl Harborthe United States took action.The president said to take all Japanese-Americans out oftheir homes and relocate them to an internment camp. Some families were separated and takenin other Internment camps and other families were lucky to stay together butthey all had to suffer in the camps that the Americans put them in. Dec. 7, 1941It was a normal day with American soldiers on the harbor called Pearl. Then a groupof Japanese fighter planes attackedwhile the helpless soldiers did not know what would hit them. The Japanese were firing the coast of that area and killed 2,000 American's. So the men went on to fight the Japanese. But while the menwere over there the women took over in the work place and makingthe money at home. The women worked in factorys and ship yards. In the U.S the women were becomingan icon for more women to work whentheir men were over seas and to showthat not only men can do work but that women can do the same good job. Thento show those Japanese we still got it. By Jancarlos Serrano There was a Japanese man his name was Yamamoto Isoroku.He was the man that was the mastermind of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He graduated In 1904 of Japanese Naval 1941 he was assigned CombatFleet Chief. Fremon, David K. Japanese-American Internment in American History. Springfield, NJ: Enslow, 1996. Print.
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