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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 these animals for their shells, eggs, and meat. People are illegally There is trash on the beaches where they lay their offspring and pollution in the water they swim in. Poaching Sea Turtles are Dying and it's our Fault! Sea Turtles are Dying and it's our Fault! My species is endangered! They have been on our planet for 100 million years-why let them die out now? Turtles can be killed illegally and for money. But the truth is, most tutles die to be lunch. Lots of cultures eat turtle meat regularly or even for religous purposes. Every Easter in Mexico 5,000 turtles are killed. Some turtle eggs can even be found at local markets. Not to mention, people in Europe eat turtle soup. Green sea, loggerhead, leatherback,olive ridley, hawksbill, and more turtles are endangered. Many people eat sea turtle's meat. In Mexico on Easter around 5,000 turtles are killed.Some of the eggs can even befound at local markets.Not to mention, Europeanslike to eat turtle soup. We can help by...-cleaning up the trash on beaches-protecting sea turtle nests -reducing the amount of sea turtles eaten-donating to a wildlife fund to help protect sea turtles Even with bans from turtle hunting thesecountries have high takes on turtle deathseach year! Indonesia-3279 Number of sea turtle deaths in countries with hunting bans Fiji-3261 Pacific Coast of Mexico-6644 By AmeliePerez The average fine for disturbing a sea turtle nest is $5,000
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