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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arabian Desert is hot, dry, and harsh. There were many harsh sandstorms that could make flat areas into 800ft sand dunes. There is very litte plant life in the desert and not much water. Droughts are very common and they can last for years. But luckily, in the desert there were oases which provided a source of water. The deserts had villagesand towns, but most peoplewere nomads and traveledaround the desert in tentsand traded People would wear loose clothes and headresses made of cloth to keep cool.The best way of transportationin the desert was a camel.Nomads would use camels totravel around with their animals. Animals such as sheep and goats were used forfood, shelter, and clothing. Deserts and Mountains. The mountains in the Arabian Peninsula covered most of the Border of the peninsula. With Mountains ranging from 1000 feet to 12000 feet high they served as good natural protection. The weather in the mountain areas were cool most of the time and very cold in the winter. The average annual rainfall was about 20 inches, so it was common to rain often. People who decided to live in the mountains would make their houses out of mud brick, and since the ground wasn't very level, people would build terraces to farm onand build their house on. Since the ground was very rocky and not level, water storage was very difficultPeople stored water inhollowed out tree trunksand in the sides of the terraces they built for farming.Also they would need a way to disperse the water, which is why they made irrigation systems Livability rating: 3.5 out of 5.The deserts had villages to live in or you couldbe a nomad, the deserts were also very hotduring the day and verycold at night.Trade rating: 4 out of 5Since the desert covered a ¾ of the arabian peninsula so lots of items come through this area. The nomads who live in the desert tend to control powerful trade routes. Livability rating: 2.5 out of 5.the mountains got very cold and received lots of rain, making houses and farms were difficult because there wasnt much flat surface to build on.Trade rating: 2.5 out of 5Since the mountains were so large they made it hard to get through the mountain ranges. though the dry riverbeds provided a path for traders, it was still difficult to travel in.
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