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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Target audience for my MUSIC MAGAZINE WHITE HETROSEXUAL My target audience is going to be hetrosexual women (17-25) white british. I have decided to do hetrosexual women because I think they are very girly and the colours and design of my music magazine reflects this. This is because its a topic that can be surrounded around many different types of music and not just one in particular. It will also be a magazine thats not always published but a magazine thats published around festival season. Festivals are also usually in summer so the magazine can involve pastel colours, flowers that will also suit with what teenage women like. Young women 17-25 PRE-PRODUCTION RESEARCH FEMALES MALE 16-18 19-25 25+ Survey results The majority of people who took my survey were females, 19-25. This is highly relevant because my target audience is 17-25 year old, females. The results I then gained were beneficial because It allowed me to understand what my target audience would like to see in the magazine. USING THE RESEARCH The information I received I then used it do decide on what fontsand colours to use to make it appealingand encourage them to buy my magazine.It also helped me decide on where totake my images and what my model shouldwear and look that. I decide to make suremy model was wearing something thatwas in fashion during summer, so itdidn't loose the summer look and toalso appeal directly to my audience.The model I choose for my magazine was someone of the target age to attract otheryoung women to want to almost look upat her, what she wearing etc, to buy the magazine This played a significant part. GENERAL -Listen to music regularly.-Interested in fashion.-Very social.-Care free.-Confident.-Loves a good party. READER PROFILE
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