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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The plague influenced the west economically and socially. Social What Impact Did the Plague Have on the West? It devastated towns, communities, families, and religious institutions.20 - 40 percent of the population died in western Europe. ( Trade was decreased which hurt the west,The economy underwent abrupt and extreme inflation."(Decmeron Web)It was difficult and dangerous to get goods through trade and to produce them. The prices of both goods produced locally and those imported raised. The dead accumulated in the streetsso, the whole air was infected with the smell of dead bodies, of sick persons and medicine(Giovanni Boccaccio) . Changed lives dramatically for everyone not just the ones infected. The ones who were infected were sure to die. Faith in religion decreased because many clergy men diedand their prayersdidn't cure the sick (Decameron Web) People stopped buryingthe dead and quitworking(Decameron Web) Economic In the late 14th Century the west began," its economic recovery, with population levels and wealth equaling or surpassing those of the former Roman empire.(Harpercollins College Outline World History to 1648 ) There was an increase in jobsbecause there were less people, Because of illness and death workers became exceedingly scarce, so even peasants felt the effects of the new rise in wages.Serfs were no longer tied toone master;if one left the land, another lord would instantly hire them."The lords made changes moreprofitable for the peasants.The standard of living was raised. (Decameron Web) People abandoned their friends and family, fled cities,and shut themselves off from the world.(Decameron Web) Kinjal Dave, Allison Wong, Ashley Chrissafis
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