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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 مادة صرف تدور معانيها في اللغة حول التغيير والتحويل والإنتقال جاءت في قوله (كَذَٰلِكَ نُصَرِّفُ الْآيَاتِ لِقَوْمٍ يَشْكُرُونَ) The study of the morphemes of a language and the way in which the are joined together to make words. { Singular and plural } Cats Cat Cook Cooked { (Ed) morpheme indicates past tense.} { Unhappy Bound Free *Attention* Why we call "happy" as free and "un" as bound ?Because "happy" can stand alone but "un" cannot stand alone we call bound morpheme as affixes . Functional morpheme Lexical morpheme Ex: ( and, but, or ..) Ex :( girl, man, house .. ) ( Ex : Man = ly = Manly Books Plural Regular nouns 1- John 2- The man { John's book/books The man's book/books Possessive: 2- man feet Singular Look/ sing Look+s/ sing+s { Present tenseagereement Look+ ing / sing + ing Present participle { I look + ed I have look + ed { Past tense past participle Sing Sang SungTake Took Taken { Past tense Past participle Irregular verbs Allomorphs: Morphemes which fulfil the same function have slightly different forms. Legal (n) ( فتاة ,رجل ,بيت ) (أو , لكن , و ) ارجاع رجولي كتاب كرسي كراسي أقدام علم الصرف Morphology Inflectional morphology A closed class of word . I,you,we,theybut:he,she, it men رجال Plural كتب Singular Illegal (n) . Prefixes Suffixes 2- Chair { They are not used to produce new words in the language but rather to indicate aspects of the grammatical function of words. 1-Book Irregular nouns { Derivational morphology A different grammatical category. Affixes Kinds of morphology Morphology deals with grammar. Ex: (adj) (n). Good Care ness ful. + + رجل 1- Foot قدم Chairs Goodness Careful. Do not always change the class of words. Ex : re + Turn = Return Change the class of words. Done by 3E7* Ghada Algadah * Sara alajmi* Alanoud Alsulaiman * Sara Alabdulaziz - Todd, L (1991). A Introduction to linguistics.London:longman. (سورة الانعام )
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