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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Positive This gives a negative impact on our society. Monocultural crop productionleads to result to a extensive loss to of certain species of plants, and having to genetically modify crops. This as a result means certaincusine or traditional food will be imapactedor will taste different, which might cause issues. Negetive Corn comes from the Mexican wild grass known as teosinte, in 1903 the commercial seed house used to have 370 breeds of sweetcorn by 1983 till now there are only 12 breeds that the human population harvest. Positive This gives a positive impact because the more variety of breeds of crops, diverse newways of making cuisine resulting in less hungry people. From 408 diverse breeds that we use to have in thecommercial seed famin 1903 till 1983 up to current timefrom 408 breeds of tomatoes till now only harvest 79 different tomatoes around the globe. Corn 1903-1983 Diverse crops Tomato 1903-1983 Over View Impacts Society Impacts on Environtment How do plants perpetuate diverse life forms on earth? How do plants perpetuate diverse life forms on earth? Negetive Cumber 1903-19 From 245 breeds ofcucumber starting in 1903until 1983 human population only harvest started harvesting 79 of those diverse variety of cucumbers. The negative impact on the environment is that, genetic modification will need to be adopted as alternative to make our food production grow.Genetic modification will increase thevulnerability on crops to global warminginsects, and diseases. This methodthat will be adopted will lower chancesof biodiversity in crops. Also with more plants this will result tolessen space for other plants to grow such as trees. The positive impact that the genetic modification method is that the crops are engineered to withstand disease. As well as if there is less crops grownthen there are more opportunities going to begiven to other species of plants as there would beextra space for plant growth and more space forgrowth for trees. Bomfim, Sandro. "The Impact of Genetic Modification of Human Foods In." Scribd. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.Critchfield, Sara. "We Used To Have 307 Kinds Of Corn. Guess How Many Are Left?5." N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Dec. 2014. MLA CITATION
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