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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charles Dickens one of the most well loved authors of all time Charles Dickens,born on February 17.1812 inPortsmouth, on the southern coast of England. Victorian Era During the time of Dickenswriting, that time England was ina period known as the Victorian Era after the Queen of that time, Queen Victoria.At that time the industrialrevolution was happening,a time where England economy boomed and the work force rocketed Career The leading disease at this time of this mostly doe to poorsanitation and working condition were-Cholera-caused by human waster in drinking waterConsumption-a tuberculosis of the lungsTyphus-spread of body lice & dirty condition Childhood & Personal Legacy Many people loved Queen Victoria, but for what? She knew about the poorworking conditions and sanitation, but still didn't do anything, while most people at that time live in poverty and were illiterate. The money used during this timewas Pounds, Shilling, and Pence Charles began working as a office boy at age 15, and slowlybecame a reporter in the LondonCourt. He then slowly brokeaway from the newspaperand became a independent writerCharles began submitting his work to a magazine calledthe Monthly, his very first published article was A Dinnerat Poplar Walk and his veryfirst book was "Sketches of Boz" The Adventure ofOliver Twist 1838 The Christmas Carol 1843 The Battle Of Life 1846 A Tale Of Two Cities 1859 Charles Dickens book hadcontributed to literature greatly, his books had never gone outof print and still are widelyread today. Charles work inspired many dramatic interpretation, plays, television programs,and featured flims Due to his family's debt and limited family resources, he quit school at age 12 to workin a blackingwarehouse Charles married CatherineDickens and had 10 childrens with her.Charles died on June 9, 1870 due to a stroke
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