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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We were registering the Daily Heroes Foundation after we were winning an entrepreneurial weekend. During the weekend we already established some backers. Today we are expending our backer list we are working on real life project associated with Hand the Ball CSR. We are searching for people who really care about the society, which is surrounding them, and want to make the world a bit betterHere is our organization in a nutshell, our goals and mission:Daily Heroes is an non profit organization which have a mission to help people who have suffer because of big events like: Football World Cup. Since it is a sport event we want to take out the passion and love from the sport and give it to the ones in need.Our vision is to reach famous/iconic athletes and their teams to create a responsible sport environment, rise the awareness to play without hurting or making people suffer.At the same time want to get help and support from:- Big companies like: Carlsberg, DANONE etc. - Organizations such as: FIFA, Red Cross, Hand the ball, etc.- Schools: for a quicker grow and cutting the time of reaching our goalsWe were looking at the last world cup event in Brazil and we realized so many citizens suffered and even died during the construction of the world cup. In Qatar 12 workers are dying each week cause low water and food supplies, till now 1,400 worker died in the construction process which will end in 2022.We don't blame FIFA or any of the organizers, on the contrary.We would like to offer a solution for these problems without pointing finger on anybody. We want to help not to fight, so these citizens can get the right treatment and a life after a big sport events like the Football World Cup.We want to raise the awareness of the sport community that they should think about the consequences of what a sport event can cause.Our mission became to save this "Daily Hero" who sacrifice themselves for this events.This organization will be open source which means people have full access to our financial records, no hidden accounts.How i said we are searching for those people who want to save 12 lives weekly cause if we don't do anything we are signing there death sentences. Who we are and What we want
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