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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 September 22,2014I volunteered at theKick Start Event November 25,2014Compare and contrast essaydue for English. This essay was one of the best I've written. I got a perfect score. September 30,2014A lot of tests andassignments startedbefore the reading week The Learning Centreoffers workshops andattending frosh weekcan help network. Getting involved inthings lead to college success. Strengths:Being organizedOn time with assignmentsImprovements:Although I am on timewith assignments, I need to learn not to procrastinate October 13,2014Currently my GPAis at a 3.4 Coming back fromreading week I amusing my time moreefficiently. I began usinga calendar. Similar tothe Seneca calendar. Improving my academicperformance:Study dailyAsk for help when neededGet involved on campus Plans for January 2015:To start working hard atthe beginning like i did1st semester. Continue to maintain over a 3.0 GPA October 20,2014Reading week Roadmap to Success Factors making my plandifficult:FInancial issues December 3,2014Choose courses fornext semester By: Kristina Kajcevski September 2,2014My main purpose for attending college was tolearn about a professionI'm interested in and makea career out of it. After I finish my 3 year diploma program, I plan on continuing at Seneca for another2 years do het a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I decided this for myself because I feel that in the workplace I will have the advantage because of my diploma and degree.Once I finish at Seneca I will apply for a job in Human Resources at the Air Canada Centre.My family had a great influence on my decision because they want me to always be ontop of everything and striving for the best
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