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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is there a required source? STOP Is there an existing contract? STOP Use full and open competition SMALL BUSINESS CHART appropriate? Is this above or below FAR 8.000 START E.g. Federal Supply Schedule, MAC, GWAC NO concerns that can perform? Are there any small business Is there an 8(a) contractor? the SAT? Use the required source FAR 19.502 FAR 19.8 Is an 8(a) Do not use 8(a). appeal. Consider HubZone. NO YES ABOVE Use 8(a) sole BELOW (manufacturing), 4.0 M everything else? award NO STOP contract 2 or more Are there Agency head can reverse on source Are there 2> small businesses? Did you receive permission to compete under FAR 19.805-1(d)? FAR 19.804-3(d)(2) YES NO Is K Value > $6.5 M NO Competitive 8(a) required YES Is one of the bidders an Indian Tribe/ Alaskan Native? NO Did the SBA elect to Sole Source to the Indian Tribe or Native Alaskan? YES NO YES YES NO YES contractors? FAR 19.805-1(a)(1) STOP NO FAR 19.701 STOP FAR 19.805-1(a)(2) May go with existing FAR 8.004 YES NO YES You must use YES SDVOSB, SBSA, or WOSB >$150k STOP Use full and open competition NO Consider HubZone Are there at least 2 HubZone offerors at Fair Market Value? FAR 19.13 HubZone SA Use Competitive FAR 19.1305 STOP YES Is there only one acceptable HubZone? FAR 19.1306 NO Is K Value > $6.5 M (manufacturing), 4.0 M everything else? FAR 19.805-1(a)(2) NO YES NO STOP May use HubZone Sole Source or GO TO SBSA WOSB SBSA YES YES Is K Value > $6.5 M (manufacturing), 4.0 M everything else? SDVOSB FAR 19.805-1(a)(2) Are there SDVOSB? Does purchase exceed MPT? 2 or more Is K Value > $6.5 M (manufacturing), FAR 19.805-1(a)(2) Does purchase exceed MPT? FAR 2.101 WOSB? STOP 2 or more You may award SDVOSB Sole Source or GO TO SBSA No SDVOSB Sole You may award SDVOSB or GO TO STOP No SDVOSB SA. Use the GPC STOP You may award WOSB Sole Source STOP STOP or GO TO SBSA Source STOP WOSB or GO TO STOP No WOSB SA Use the GPC NO YES Source FAR 2.101 STOP YES YES NO NO Are there You may award SBSA NO 4.0 M everything else? YES No WOSB Sole YES YES NO NO Are there 2 or more SB? STOP No WOSB SA SBSA STOP Use full and open competition.
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