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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mythologies of the World. Ben Johnson and In Egyptian mythology, the world rose from a great ocean, and the Sun God rose from the land. The Egyptians believed that the good went to heaven, and the bad were wiped from the face of existence. Uniquely, there is no mention of the apocalypse in Egyptian mythology. Peru Egypt Ireland Human sacrifice, reincarnation. Peru was once part of the Inca empire. The Inca had many gods, They mummified their dead and believed in reincarnation. Their beliefs were centered around the sun, rain, and the harvest. Like many cultures around the world, they had a story of a great flood. They also sacrificed children on the daily. Mummies The Inca had many creation stories, in one of them, the great creator god Virocacha created a race of giants out of stone. Eventually these giants offended him so, doing what any responsible god would do, he destroyed them and created humans out of the mud that remained. Each culture worshipped many gods, but beyond that they are quite independent of one another. One ancient Egyptian myth involves the ending of a 7-year long drought. In it, an Egyptian hero of sorts tells the king that he must make sacrifices to the god that controlled the Nile, Khnemu. Upon summoning him, the king discovers that he is just upset over his shrine not being repaired, so, by divine decree and in order that the Nile flood every year so the people do not all starve and die, taxes were raised to pay for the god's temple. In Irish Mythology, the mother of the gods jumped out of the sea and ate some seriously sketchy seeds, they ended up impregnating her and she proceeded to birth every Irish god in existence. After a war with the giants that lived on the bottom of the sea, the gods took pity on the two remaining humans and taught them how to use tools and whatnot. Finn MacCool was a legendary Irish Hero who went around Ireland having bizarre adventures. In one of them, Finn catches a salmon that contains all the knowledge in the universe, rather than talking to it and being civil, Finn takes the Irish approach and decides to cook and eat it. While it is cooking, some fish juice squirts out and burns Finn's thumb, upon sucking it to soothe the wound, Finn discovers that as long it is in his mouth he has access to all the world's knowledge. He then sucks on his thumb whenever he needs to think of something heroic. Nothing really
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