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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Pigskin Community Players/ Coaches Last Years Super Bowl was the most watched tv show in American history Media Coverage CurlZigComebackStickHook to CurlDeep 3rd'sStunt Biggest stadium in the world is "The Big House"football stadium Die Hard Fans Casual Fan Entertainment double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Experience Lexis (from greatest to least) Football media coverage at any level can be found virtually everywhere. From Tv to newspapers and blogs Varies depending on expertise. Players and Coaches usually have different communication methods from that of the fans of any level. Jargon *Win, have fun, get paid based off of performance (which is hopefully well), know plays*Watch every game, make fun of opposing teams, know that your team is going to win, know the history behind the team, usually grew up around that team so you know the background, watch all the games usually with loved ones and around alcohol, play fantasy football and hope that the players on your fantasy team roster do well, predict future games, judge other teams, own team memorabilia, know all the players on your favorite team.*Watch highlights and a few games, cheer for team with possibly no relevance to you except nice uniforms or good players such as the Seahawks, possibly have memorabilia, cheer on your team, dont know all the players but know the stars.*Usually around loved ones that like football so forced to watch the games, dont care who wins, know the stars, possibly have memorabilia but with no relevance to you. Goals Super Bowl averaged 111.5 million viewers Objective The goal of the "Pigskin Community" is to get closer to people that share similar interests Americas Favorite Sport The first preseason game this year had more viewers than the world series last year.
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