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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The top pay master in the last few years - Oil & Gas Sector has postponed salary revision exercise for foreseeable future. Exceptions on critical roles applicable. Over 12% of organizations have cut employee benefitswhich would save them 4% on salary expenses AWC Consulting ME has seen an increase of nearly 12% in organizationsapproaching us for benchmarking their compensation bands 20% of organizations in ME are currently executing restructuring or downsizing exercise in order to reduce pressure on employee salaries 42% of organizations in ME have increased job responsibilities for an existing employeeeven as the designation and salary remained unchanged The recent drop in oil prices are forcing Middle East GCC economies to tread with caution. Organizations are quick to absorb the pressure. 45% of medium and large organizationsin GCC have cut the originally planned salary hike by 2% Middle East 2015 Salary Trends and Key Research Findings Banking & Financial Services Sector plans to give 5% hike for top performersConstruction & Real Estate Sector plans to give 5% hike for top performersTourism & Hospitality Sector plans to give 4.5% hike for top performers AWC Consulting Middle East Precision Data. Driven. Always 37% of companies are considering reduction in Annual PerformanceBonus Pool for top management Write to us at info@awcconsulting-me.comfor more information
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