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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DONATE Native American Mythology is where the story of the tortoise and hare came from. One day Terrapin challenged a rabbit to a race and the rabbi mocked him. He said he was much faster than the Terrapin and that he could never beat him. Terrapin was mad so he went to his family and said that their honor was at stake. so they all helped him and were placed at different parts of the race so whenever the rabbit would pass one of his family members another would appear. At the very end was Terrapin. He had won! Some gods are Father sky, Mother Earth, and Mother corn. Some of the people gave powers to the sun, moon, morning star, Evening star, The star of death, and the four stars that support the sky United States Mythology Japan Mythology Egypt Mythology Susanoo a great hero once was cast out of heaven by the order of Izanagi. Before his eternal banishment he went to his sister to bid her farewell. In his visit he challenged his sister to a challenge, Amaterasu accepted and each deity took a valuable item from each other and from them came many other gods and goddesses. from Susanoo's sword came three women and from Amaterasu's rosary came five men. Claiming each had won they both agreed on a draw. Years later Susanoo was so infuriated with not winning he destroyed Amaterasu's rice fields. infear of her safety Amaturasu hid in a dark cave making a day go without light (solar eclipse). Eventually susanoo apologiesed and Amaturasu came uot of the cave and the sun had risen again. Ra: God of the sunAnubis: God of death and embalmingGeb: god of earthNut: goddess of the skyHorus: God of the skyOsiris: god and ruler of the underworld and the dead Isis: goddess of magic
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